Edam Cheese - slices 500 g
Salami Cheese - slices 300 g
Gouda Cheese slices 500 g
Morski Cheese - slices 500 g
Polski Jogurt truskawkowy z kawałkami owoców 350 g
Polski Jogurt naturalny 350 g
Polski Jogurt brzoskwinia z marakują z kawałkami owoców 350 g
Rolada PODKARPACKA wędzona
Śmietanka UHT Polska 36% - 1 L
Śmietanka UHT Polska 30% - 500 ml
Śmietanka UHT Polska 18% - 500 ml
Śmietanka UHT Polska 12% - 500 ml
Śmietanka UHT Polska 30% - 1 L
Yoghurt Sauce dill - herbal
Yoghurt Sauce pepper-herbal
Yoghurt Sauce garlic - herb
Owsianka Jabłkowa - kubek 180 g
Owsianka bananowa - kubek 180 g
Owsianka truskawkowa - kubek 180 g

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Historical Outline

MLEKOVITA beginnings of the company date back to the prewar period.

In Wysokie Mazowieckie Department was established in 1928, employed 30 people and then he was only manufacture cheese and butter.

After World War II, in 1947, established the Delegation Head Dairy - Egg, and three years later was appointed District Dairy Plant, which produced, in addition to butter and cheese, including cream, cottage cheese and ice cream.

In 1957 in Wysokie Mazowieckie District Dairy Cooperative was created. At that time, the construction of a modern for its time production facility, which opened in 1962, then was put into service new production halls.

In 1992, Dariusz Sapiński (Chairman of the Board) gave the cooperative a MLEKOVITA and developed the company logo.

MLEKOVITA is the largest holding company in Poland and the undisputed industry leader. MLEKOVITA Group is a company with 100-percent Polish capital, with a long tradition and established brand, not only on the Polish market but also abroad. It consists of establishments engaged in the processing and distribution of dairy products: a home in Wysokie Mazowieckie, and also in Bielsk Podlaski, Biała Podlaska, Morag, Zakopane, Lubawa, Susz, Dzialdowo, Pilica, Baranowo, Kościan, Pyrzyce and distribution warehouses in Chrzanow, Kluczbork, Torun, Piaseczno, Wyszkow, Lodz, Bialystok , Brzesko, Goreczyno and Wolsztyn. Produces a wide range of branded products (more than 400, including: hard cheeses ripened dutch type, swiss and english, processed cheese and smoked cheese, salad cheese, granular cheese, mozzarella cheese, UHT milk with different fat content of capacity and pasteurized milk, UHT cream, condensed milk, flavored milk, kefir, yogurt, buttermilk, curd and cottage cheese flavors, sour cream and cream, anhydrous milk fat, butter and mix butter, milk powder and whey powder), which are category leaders industry (POLISH milk in the bot tle, WYPASIONE milk, salad cheese FAVITA, SOKOL cheese, butter extra POLISH, etc.) and for his greatest success primarily considers customer satisfaction. The highest quality of offered products won recognition and trust of customers, as evidenced by maintained for years the leading position in Poland and a leader among companies exporting dairy industry. Management efficiency and achieved every year more and better financial results, directly translate into a systematic increase in brand value, which according to the latest ranking published by the news paper "Rzeczpospolita" is now the most valuable brand in the industrial sector of the economy .